Preempting Coronary Ischemia – Expanding the Spectrum of Cardiac Biomarkers


MPO testing provides prognostic information in addition to troponin and hsCRP testing, revealing a more complete clinical picture of the CVD patient. It may also add incremental value when used with other biomarkers, particularly in troponin-negative patients, enabling treatment before more severe myocardial damage occurs.

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As a recognized worldwide leader in CVD testing, Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics offers MPO testing across multiple instrument solutions to help provide a more complete clinical picture of the CVD patient.


  • Fully automated, no-pretreatment MPO
  • Can be run on same instrument along with other cardiac markers
  • Same turnaround time as troponin

Myeloperoxidase assays are available on the following systems from Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics:

Integrated Systems

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