Information Systems

Our integrated solutions process data from administrative systems and findings from other departments and cardiology departments.


Criteria of other departments such as radiology or surgery coin day-to-day work in cardiology just as much as intensive care or routine diagnostics. Like in no other medical field, this has led to the introduction of specialized software solutions, the cardiovascular information systems (CVIS), that are often operated in parallel with a hospital information system (HIS). Integrated solutions that are capable of processing data from administrative systems and findings from other departments as well as from the cardiology department, however, are the exception.

Clinical information systems from Siemens are based precisely on this integrative approach. Specific solutions for clinical departments add specialized content to medical documentation systems, including sophisticated documentation of diagnostic and therapeutic intracardiac catheters, all forms of echocardiography and angiosonography, various ECG examinations as well as cardial magnetic resonance tomography. This form of integrated documentation makes it possible to manage all medical and administrative data in just one electronic health record.

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