International Cardiovascular Reference Center Taiwan

Heart Center at Cheng Hsin General Hospital, Taipei

The partnership between the Heart Center at Cheng Hsin General Hospital (CHGH) in Taipei and Siemens Healthcare is based on the mutual commitment to integrate advanced medical technology into multimodality clinical workflows. The common goal is to promote innovative treatment concepts in non-invasive and invasive cardiology as well as in cardiac surgery.


By entitling the Heart Center at as “Siemens International Cardiovascular Reference Center” the two partners are strengthening their joint activities in cardiovascular care. The cooperation encompasses exchanging experience, sharing knowledge and driving future developments in cardiovascular care in order to achieve the best quality of care for all patients.


“Through this partnership, we will address the challenges in diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease. Our mutual goal is to further develop innovative approaches in the interdisciplinary collaboration of cardiologists and cardiac surgeons to achieve the best outcome for each patient.” states Tom Miller, CEO Customer Solutions Division, Siemens Healthcare.


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