Hemodynamic Recording

Integrating the way You work

AXIOM Sensis XP, the new generation of our recording solution is adapting to the user's workflow featuring customizable workflow support programs and advanced measurement functions. As a truly integrated solution AXIOM Sensis XP combines both electrophysiology and hemodynamics in one system and communicates with our Artis zee imaging system. Interfaces to the CARTO XP mapping system and the Infinity patient monitoring Gateway complement the dataflow and increase the efficiency.

Information anytime, anywhere
The extended HL7 engine and DICOM compatibility of AXIOM Sensis XP facilitates seamless communication in the lab, the control room, and across your enterprise. Connected to the master database of AXIOM Sensis XP, pre- and post-processing can be performed simultaneously on multiple remote workstations. That means your data is accessible whenever needed. From registration of patient demographic data in the secretary’s office to recalculations of intervals in the physician’s office.

Diagnostic excellence
Utilizing algorithms that have proven their clinical validity, and featuring a highly sophisticated signal processing chain, the Siemens AXIOM Sensis XP recording system delivers first-rate signals to support your diagnostic decision-making. Featuring a 2,000 Hz sampling rate and 22 bit A/D converter resolution, AXIOM Sensis XP delivers exceptionally sharp wave forms, making diagnostic assessments easier for you and your eyes. ECG, ICEG, four invasive blood pressures, SpO2, and non-invasive blood pressure — all of these parameters are combined in one small amplifier box.