Asegúrese. Verdadera tomosíntesis de mama en 3D.

Asegúrese. Verdadera tomosíntesis de mama en 3D.
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Three steps, one clear solution.
Advanced breast cancer diagnosis takes a streamlined three-fold approach: acquisition of high quality projections, accurate 3D reconstruction and high-quality display on a dedicated workstation. Siemens offers a tailored, state-of-the-art tomosynthesis solution to support this workflow: Mammomat Inspiration and Mammomat Inspiration PRIME Edition for image acquisition and reconstruction bundled with syngo.Breast Care1 for unique tomosynthesis reading.

Step 1) Acquisition:
Mammomat Inspiration and Mammomat Inspiration PRIME Edition are highly flexible mammography platforms. They support screening, diagnostics, stereotactic biopsy, and True Breast Tomosynthesis, for increased diagnostic efficiency and confidence.


Step 2) Reconstruction:
Siemens HD Volume Reconstruction helps you achieve outstanding high-definition image quality with enhanced spatial and depth resolution:


Full-resolution Readout

True Breast Tomosynthesis – in combination with the direct-to-digital aSe detector – offers a superior detector readout with increased spatial resolution of 85μm. This results in a highly-precise evaluation of calcifications.

Excellent image balance with Equalizing Filtered Back Projection (EFBP)
A unique equalizing algorithm preprocesses the projections for an optimized and balanced image appearance. This allows for increased depth resolution and reduced tissue overlap for better and clearer separation of lesions.

Differentiate better with Mass Enhancement
This algorithm highlights mass margins and spiculations for improved lesion visualization with the human eye. This can assist in better characterizing and differentiating between malignant and benign lesions.

Step 3) Diagnosis:
Siemens’ client server application syngo.Breast Care enables a streamlined reading workflow. 

Mammomat Inspiration and Mammomat Inspiration PRIME Edition
The all-in-one solutions not only support screening and diagnostics, but also stereotactic biopsy, and True Breast Tomosynthesis. Their diagnostic efficiency and confidence help improve an early detection of breast cancer.


True Breast Tomosynthesis, with the widest angle in the industry (50°), and the highest number of projections (25), adds both sensitivity and specificity to diagnostic imaging.
The innovative imaging approach allows for: 

  • Reduced tissue overlap and contrast enhancement of lesions
  • 3D visualization of micro-calcifications, shape and size of lesions
  • High depth and contrast resolution


syngo.Breast Care

The acquistion and reconstruction of high-quality images are the first two steps towards achieving a precise and secure diagnosis. As a perfect match syngo.Breast Care has been designed to streamline the diagnostic workflow.

It quickly displays the acquired images in the preferred order and at a consistent size. It simplifies the comparison of tomosynthesis with pre-existing 2D images.  


Dedicated features features streamlining the diagnostic workflow:

  • Configurable workflow for individual needs
  • Comfortably compare 2D and True Breast Tomosynthesis images
  • Scrolling functionality for fast and easy image review


Be confident. Be precise. Be sure.  

The products mentioned herein are not commercially available in all countries. Due to regulatory reasons their future availability cannot be guaranteed. Please contact your local Siemens organization for further information.