Siemens Healthineers at ISLH 2019

XXXIIth International Symposium on Technical Laboratory Hematology

Join us at the crossroads of accuracy and efficiency!

Come to ISLH booth #801 to see how Siemens Healthineers combines high-quality hematology and hemostasis testing capabilities with multidisciplinary track-based automation to streamline laboratory workflow, increase staff productivity, and optimize patient care. Also, be sure to ask about our compact, efficient, and accurate solutions for low- and mid-volume hematology and hemostasis laboratories.

May 4–6, 2017

Hawaii Convention Center
Honolulu, Hawaii

Featured Products and Solutions

Aptio Automation
Aptio® Automation* combines intelligent technologies with Siemens Healthineers workflow expertise to increase productivity for chemistry, immunoassay, hemostasis, and hematology testing.

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ADVIA 2120i Hematology System
The ADVIA® 2120i Hematology System streamlines workflow by eliminating manual steps. With connectivity to Aptio Automation and CentraLink® Data Management System, it supports accurate, fast sample processing with fully customizable, user-defined features.

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ADVIA 360 and 560 Hematology Systems
The ADVIA 360 and 560 Hematology Systems provide reliable, accurate CBC and white cell differential testing with the performance and adaptability that low- and mid-volume labs need.

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Sysmex CS-5100 Hemostasis System
The Sysmex® CS-5100 System offers high-volume and multisite labs smartly designed PSI™ technology and flexible automation connectivity for streamlined workflow and high-quality test results on the first run.

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Sysmex CS-2500 Hemostasis System
The Sysmex CS-2500 System, now available globally including the U.S., offers mid-volume and multisite hemostasis labs smartly designed technologies such as PSI technology to improve sample management, increase efficiency, and streamline lab workflow.

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Attend our engaging lunch workshop, Platelets Revisited.

Date: May 4, 2017
Time: 12:00–1:30 p.m.
Location: Room 319 AB

Lunch boxes will be provided.


Contribution of Automated Parameters in the Diagnosis of Platelet Disorders

Speaker: Prof. Marie-Christine Alessi—Biological Hematology Service, CHU Timone, Marseille, France

Learn how laboratory investigations can help resolve practical challenges presented when identifying inherited versus acquired (immune) thrombocytopenia and distinguishing among the different causes of inherited thrombocytopenia.

Reticulated Platelets (RPs) for Differential Diagnosis of Thrombocytopenia and Beyond

Speaker: Doctor Florian Prüller—Medical University of Graz, Austria

Explore the derivation, function, and clinical significance of reticulated platelets and a new method of counting them and other byproducts.

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