Siemens at ISMRM 2017

Siemens at ISMRM 2017
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At ISMRM 2017, Siemens presents powerful solutions to help you translate your results into clinical care.

BioMatrix Technology1 - Embrace human nature

Patients have unique, individual characteristics. Different physiologies and anatomies – but also the way we interact with them and technology – cause unwanted variability. These unique human characteristics, or biovariabilities, can be a source of error and inefficiency when it comes to MR imaging. This intrinsic patient variability needs to be addressed in order to truly personalize MRI, and pave the way for precision medicine.

MAGNETOM Vida - Embrace human nature at 3T

MAGNETOM Vida1 – the first 3T MRI scanner with BioMatrix Technology – embraces human nature and the unique set of challenges that each patient brings to the MRI exam. By embracing these challenges, we overcome patient variability – ushering in a paradigm shift in MRI. The outcome: fewer rescans, predictable scheduling and consistent, high-quality personalized exams for high-end clinical routine as well as clinical research.

MAGNETOM Terra - Translate 7T research power into clinical care

MAGNETOM Terra2 is the first 7T system which has 510(k) pending status and is prepared for CE authorization to market.
The unique Dual Mode lets you switch between clinical and research operations, with separate database to distinguish between clinical and research scans.
All in one, whether for anatomical, functional, or metabolic imaging, MAGNETOM Terra increases your potential for translating research into clinical care. Get ready to enter new territories in MRI. 

Compressed Sensing - Beyond speed

Currently, even with state-of-the-art MRI technologies, we have reached the plateau when it comes to sampling speed. For abdominal and cardiac imaging, this limitation translates into imaging over multiple breath-holds, making it extremely challenging to examine severely ill patients.

Compressed Sensing heralds the paradigm shift in the clinical practice of Cardiac and Body imaging. Acquire only what is necessary to enable the imaging of moving organs at unprecedented resolutions. Compressed Sensing Cardiac Cine offers a synergistic enhancement to parallel imaging with sparse sampling and iterative reconstruction enabling acceleration factors up to 10.

syngo.via Frontier - Bridge the gap in post-processing translational research

The new syngo.via Frontier3 is your Siemens research environment for advanced post-processing in medical imaging. Whether you want to evaluate new post-processing techniques in medical imaging or develop your own algorithms in close link with the clinicians able to evaluate the potential impact of your ideas, syngo.via Frontier is your solution.


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1510(k) pending.

2MAGNETOM Terra is 510(k) pending, it is currently under development; it is not for sale. Its future availability cannot be guaranteed.

3For research use only. Not for clinical use.