Heartbeat – August 2016

Fourth Issue

Siemens Healthineers |  2016-08-26

Discover in this issue of Heartbeat how cardiac specialists worldwide deal with ever increasing and more complex cases of cardiovascular disease using a range of imaging modalities.
Our cover story describes how cardiologists rely on real-time guidance for greater accuracy in treating mitral valve insufficiency – the most prevalent form of structural heart disease. And with several million coronary artery disease procedures performed every year, we highlight the role of multimodality imaging in supporting highly accurate placement of delicate implant devices. Read about successful ablation in a case of right ventricular tachycardia made possible by a fusion of detailed anatomical and 3D reconstruction data. Our final area of focus has particular importance in low-dose imaging – the ongoing treatment of congenital heart disease. Learn about methods of reducing radiation and see first-hand how child-friendly scanning improves outcomes in the most vulnerable of patients.

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