IMMULITE/Dimension/Stratus CS Control Migration

IMMULITE/Dimension/Stratus CS Control Migration
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Table 1

The following Siemens DADE® controls will be discontinued and migrated to Bio-Rad controls:

Discontinued Siemens Dimension controlsSiemens Part NumberBio-Rad Equivalent ControlBio-Rad Part NumberExpected Depletion Date
CSF Control Total10445741Liquichek Spinal Fluid752Apr 2012
Alcohol/Ammonia Control I and II10445742Liquichek Ethanol/Ammonia Level 1544May 2012
  Liquichek Ethanol/Ammonia Level 2545May 2012
Bilirubin Control I10445745Liquid Assayed Multiqual Level 1 (Adult Range)694March 2012
  Liquichek Pediatric Level 1354March 2012
Bilirubin Control II10445746Liquid Assayed Multiqual Level 2 (Adult Range)695March 2012
  Liquichek Pediatric Level 2355March 2012
Bilirubin Control III10445747Liquid Assayed Multiqual Level 3696March 2012
Tru-Liquid Monitrol Level 1 (assayed)10445748Liquid Assayed Multiqual Level 1694July 2012
Tru-Liquid Monitrol Level 2 (assayed)10445749Liquid Assayed Multiqual Level 2695July 2012
Tru-Liquid Urine Control Total10445751Liquicheck Urine Chemistry Level 1, 2397, 398May 2012
Diabetes Control Total10445753Liquichek Diabetes Control Level 1, 2, 3171, 172, 173July 2012
TDM Plus L10445758Lyphocheck TDM451, 452, 453July 2012
Liquid Immunol. Control Level 110445754Liquichek Immunology Level 1591July 2012
Liquid Immunol. Control Level 210445755Liquichek Immunology Level 2592July 2012
Liquid Immunol. Control Level 310445756Liquichek Immunology Level 3593July 2012
Liquid Immunoassay Contr.L-110445759Liquichek Immunoassay Plus Level 1361March 2012
Liquid Immunoassay Contr.L-210445760Liquichek Immunoassay Plus Level 2362February 2012
Liquid Immunoassay Contr.L-310445761Liquichek Immunoassay Plus Level 3363March 2012
MONI-TROL Level I10445738Lyphochek Assayed Chemistry Level 1C-310-5July 2012
MONI-TROL Level II10445739Lyphochek Assayed Chemistry Level 2C-315-5July 2012
Cardiac TL Level 110445763Liquichek Cardiac Markers Plus Control LT Level 1146Apr 2012
Cardiac TL Level 210445763Liquichek Cardiac Marketers Plus Control LT Level 2147Apr 2012
Cardiac TL Level 310445765Liquichek Cardiac Markers Plus Control LT Level 3148Apr 2012
Cardiac TL Level L10445766Liquichek Cardiac Markers Plus Control LT Level 3149Apr 2012
Cardiac TL Sample Pack10445767Liquichek Trilevel MiniPak145XApr 2012
CAI-XL1 Mas Cardioimmune XL Level 110445779Liquichek Cardiac Markers Plus Control LT Level 1146Apr 2012
CAI-XL2 Mas Cardioimmune XL Level 210445780Liquichek Cardiac Markers Plus Control LT Level 2147Apr 2012
CAI-XL3 Mas Cardioimmune XL Level 310445781Liquichek Cardiac Markers Plus Control LT Level 3148Apr 2012

Table 2

The following Siemens Dimension controls will continue to be available:

Dimension Controls Still Available from Siemens
Siemens Part NumberComment
Dimension Drugs of Abuse Negative Control10445032DC44A
Dimension Drugs of Abuse Positive Control10445033DC43A
MPO Control (Myeloperoxidase)10464334RC426

Table 3

The following Siemens Dimension Vista controls will continue to be available:

Table 3: Dimension Vista Controls Still Available from SiemensSiemens Part NumberComment
Vista DAT Positive Control10445198KC515
Vista DAT Negative Control10445199KC516
Protein 1 Control L (Low)10445919KC715
Protein 1 Control M (Medium)10445920KC716
Protein 1 Control H (High)10445921KC717
APO Control10445923KC725
Cystatin C Control L (Low)10445924KC735
Cystatin C Control H (High)10445925KC737
C1IN Control10445927KC745
High Sensitivity CRP Control Low10445929KC755
High Sensitivity CRP Control High10445930KC757
Protein 3 Control10445933KC775
Protein 2 Control L (Low)19445936KC785
Protein 2 Control H (High)10445937KC787
Protein 3 Control (USA)10465668KC775U, US only

Table 4

The following Siemens Stratus CS control will continue to be available:

Stratus CS Controls Still Available from Siemens: Siemens Part NumberComment
Innovance D-Dimer controls10446005OPDY03